Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Let’s get lost in the Ubud jungle at the magical Bambu Indah. Indah means “Beautiful bamboo” in Balinese. This also happens to be the name to Bali’s most desirable Eco-Friendly Resort. Bambu Indah is a sustainable  jungle retreat mindfully curated in Bali’s cultural heart - Ubud. Here you will find secret tunnels that leads to tranquil river streams. Exquisite bamboo structures, vintage Javanese bridal homes all decorated with the finest details. Take a walk with us, immerse into Bali,  imagine prancing around in silk and romantic lace, wild in nature, one with each thread, each fiber, each living vibration.

Island Tribe
IslandTribe / Bambu IndahIslandTribe/BaliwomenIslandTribe, Bambu IndahIslandTribe Vishnu DressDress: Vishnu

Island Babe: Jessie Wave @peacepioneer

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